Hey there, welcome!

Hi, my names Sylvie Valentine. An enthusiast for fashion, photography & TV shows. 
Currently a cabin crew based in Dubai. This blog chronicles my adventures around my new home, around the world and the general musings I have about my whirlwind of a life.


Where did you get the name Stylentine?
Its the morphing of my name and the word style; Style + Valentine = Stylentine !
Which also sounds like stylin time, dont you think? ◕‿◕

Why did you start blogging?
I used to lost my phone, which back then stores all the pictures I took over the years. I began blogging to documents all the visual journals so that I could never lost them again (sort of.)  

Whats your favorite shows?
I'm an avid fan for tvshows! My favorites include; Breaking Bad, Person of Interest, Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, Modern Family and I could go on and on!

Have more questions? Ask me here www.ask.fm/valentiney_ 

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