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Aug 24, 2014

Quick update & Emirates Final Approval :) !


I know I haven't been around much lately, but I swear I got a totally valid reason for that! This year hasn't been all rosy and smooth sailing, upon finishing uni, I stepped into the what society call 'real world'. Its been a never-ending challenge, there, I experienced the pitfalls and all that bitter feeling attached to it. You know, it was during these period that I start to be so fond of reading. I read so many books (mostly positive one), they're really amazing in guiding me throughout that challenge! It feels like inhaling strength with all those books. Amazing how words can make sucha big impact on you, huh! 

Anyway, I persevered through the months, I push on and believed there will be something better for me in the future, so I must never let the negativity stop me from living my life to the fullest. Then finally, one fateful day I decided to apply online with Emirates. Briefly after, I got an invitation to attend their recruitment on 27th July in Sydney. There's so many rounds and elimination throughout the day, it felt like an X-factor audition or something! But I made it to the final. Anyhow, I will elaborate this in detail in the upcoming post, so stay tuned you guys!

Today, after all the long and severely intense process, I finally got my Final Approval (FA)! Its official now, I will be moving over to Dubai in 10oct! I got a golden call a week before but this don't guarantee you 100% yet, hence I waited till this FA to announce it once and for all.  

It always seem impossible until you did it :') so grateful!

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Mar 21, 2014

White shoulder off with Denim : Denimite!

Okay, the title is kinda forced. But hey, pairing up denim and white off-shoulder top isn't !
The white off-shoulder top gives that kind of a formal yet girly look whilst the denim gives out that casual vibe to neutralize it all off :)

Anyway, these past few months been quite a journey; settling down, got a new job and adjusting with the lifestyle difference. In between, was exposed with some challenges and down times. 
"Only know you'd been high when you feeling low", I spent those times to read lots of books and had my mind cleared up. I'm glad its working :)! Pain is temporary, but quitting last forever, so readers! Don't ever be the victim of your own emotion, believe that you're in complete control of it, conquer it, don't let it own you.

Due to that roller coaster period, I haven't got the time to properly jot down and sorted out my thought (nope! not an excuse for the lack of updates haha).I'd got to say though, I'm loving this non-student life. Everyday I woke up feeling driven towards achieving that goal of mine, its still in progress, hopefully I could make it happening one day :')

Have a good weekend yall!

Till next post,
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Jan 22, 2014


Whilst by definition means; during that period of time (read: crossroads)

Now, before you get all 'Stop it Sylvie, don't get all deep with words, spare us with the sugarcoated phrase. Just get to the main point!' Right, right. I hear ya!  Undoubtedly, I always feel that 20s are the fastest period of our time. The period where you never really an adult but everybody around you expect you to behave like one. Still, you maneuvered to the rules and act like one though deep inside you're still that scared little kid. Keep this on a side note, it's quite useful to forgive yourself when you/people around you screw up. 

20140122 002400

Details: Nastygal Turban | TE shorts | Beesknees Top

Alright, Imma paused with that thought of mine and share with y'all my productive day today! Early morning meetings went well,so glad :') The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly;  fetched Mum who arrives in Singapore today then after to a quick dinner fix  before finally wrapping the day up with some quick shopping! Chinese New Year is coming (31 Jan) , so excited to finally celebrate it with my fam! Thats right folks, past few years have always been without my fam, being overseas really have its cons in this aspect :(  ANYW, have a good week ahead, weather been really heaty but thats what I like about living in tropical country; summer wear never go out-of-season!

Till next post,
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Jan 17, 2014

2014 Here we go!

Heyho! Pardon the gap of update, been caught up with immense stuff. And I'm not just saying that for the sake of saying it (no, seriously!). First, good news I received a confirmation from USYD that I have successfully complete my bachelor degree with the official ceremony held in June 2014 (long wait, but massive yay!). Past 3 years of my academic life was all for that one slip, for that one affirmation, so receiving such notice was indeed an indescribable joy!

Moving on, I went to Stereosonic Sydney November 2013 with Lani and cliques! I have been an avid fan for EDM music, some collections of them you can check em' out over on my 8tracks playlist here ! Anyway, I wore these on the day: 

Next, weeks after receiving the good news from USYD, we were all ready for our vacation in Bali (which I treat it as my graduation trip, kya!)

Thats a quick recap on the last quarter of 2013 in my life. New year always give us new hope, hope to change, to reset our life, however, I'm not those who are into planning "2014 New Year Resolution". I mean, I don't project a new goal just because it's new year, consistency is key and I plan to project that towards my long-term 'resolution' (wth am I talking about). OH! and now I'm settling down in Singapore - Indonesia, good thing is that I can finally have a regular ootds shoots and that I'm closer to families - the last time was in the year of 2002...oh well :")

Till next post!
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