Jan 18, 2015

Oui, One day in Paris!


If you're like me, visiting Paris but only got about a day to explore this majestical city, then read on to find out how I spent my layover time in here :)


Its my first time flying to Paris, so you could imagine my excitement when I was pre-planning the trip. The rainy and cold weather didn't discourage me to go out at all, I have no interest in resting whilst in city I've never been.

Our hotel is a little bit distant from central Paris, but I did my homework and thus its a breeze to find out the way to get to city. First stop, I went to this station Saint Michel Notre Dame. Oh and did I mention? I'd met some other lone travellers on my train ride there and we start talking on travelling and found we have so many common interest! Gotta love these kind of impromptu meet up, really.CIMG1730


Theres many cafes and traditional Parisian-style kind of stores along Saint Michel walkaway, very European feel throughout. Initially I was here as its the meeting spot for a complimentary Paris tour, which I did for about over an hour, over raining weather. Then, me and another girl in the group decides to just go on our own after visiting Louvre Pyramid. We stopped by coffee shop, warm ourselves up before continuing.



One of the main reason to go our own instead of continuing with the free tour is this. Those free tours often advertised themselves as covering A to Z of Paris in a day, including "view of Eiffel tower". You know what that means, don't you? Yes, it simply mean just the view, from far far away, so if it rains, fogy weather, then too bad no Eiffel view for you! That's basically what happened on my free tour. 

But of course, I'm not gonna leave Paris without first seeing this iconic tower. Hence, we decide to leave the tour and go on our own. Really grateful to find a kind hearted/common interest travel mate within the group to visit this tower together!  


Opera feels like the 'Times Square' of Paris, it have everything especially in terms of shopping! There's also a public musical performance whilst I was there, truly blissful experience :)

From there I headed back and visited the huge shopping mall near our hotel. Oh and theres this awesome supermarket 'Auchan' its so hugeee, just love it! One thing about me is that I love visiting supermarket whilst in foreign country, it just tells you so much about the local preference etc. Plus, you can stock up some unique delicacy too!

My stay in Paris has been a pleasant one, really happy to cover so much in a day! I'm already looking forward for my next trip!

//ps: I returned Paris about 7jan, few days later I heard about that Charlie Hebdo shooting, its definitely shocking especially for the locals there. It'll get better, stay strong Paris!!

Jan 2, 2015

St. Petersburg, Russia (Санкт-Петербург)



Happy New Year 2015 everyone! First post of the year so lets start it with the amazing St Petersburg, Russia. I'd been looking forward for this flight especially after a whole month of consecutive T/A.
Having to live in tropical countries most of my life, the snowing cold weather amaze the hell out of me. The temperature was around -18Celcius when I arrived but that doesn't stop me from exploring around!

First stop, we went to the Church of the Savior on Blood, its a beautiful church with a culturally rich design. Its one of the must-see when you go to St Petersburg and I'm glad to cover it on the first day of arrival! We went there at night and the church is fully blooming with lights! Its rather easy to spot as we walked along Nevsky Prospect :)

The State of Hermitage and Winter Palace



Next day, I woke up real early to visit the Hermitage and Winter Palace. No urge to rest/sleep much as I wanted to maximize fully the time I had there. The place just blow me away, its stunningly beautiful and even more so when its covered with snow. I was squealing non-stop when I got there, took plenty of pictures and even went to snow-dipping like a child. Overall its a pretty fulfilling layover, I'm glad to visit most of the main attractions when I was there and the snowing weather really sweetens up the whole mood. After all, Winter palace is named 'winter' for a reason!

May 2015 brings greater smiles and success to all :)

Dec 6, 2014

Done with training | Got my wings!

The past 7 weeks has been real intense and hectic, Ive been fuelled with so many informations from A-Z. And on last wednesday, I've finally received all of my licenses and successfully completed the training! I'm now ready to flyy :D

We did it!
Yes we did! From Induction day to our last few days of training, I'd been through the whole 7 weeks of SEP/GMT/I&U/Security/Service/etc together with these lovely batchmates and really, I got lucky meeting these people, training days wouldn't have been the same without them :')

                                                                                    more pictures instagram @valentiney

And my favourite one from training got to be this 'Nujoum' , dont worry, I won't spoil you with the details as the surprise is what makes it special. I'm just real grateful for them to have this event for us, they could have not to but they did. Felt blessed and a lil bit special after that day..

See you onboard!
Thrilled to finally be able to fly, I'm also hoping to post more regularly now that the training is finished. Wish me luck on my supys and see you on board :)!

Oct 24, 2014

DXB | Its been a week!


If you'd been following my journey in instagram (@valentiney) then you must'd seen most of this picture here :)
So my flight to DXB was early morning on a friday exactly a week ago from today! I was quite nervous, I didn't know what to expect then. But things went really fast yet real organised from the moment I got off the plane. My joining flight was even more amazing, the crews were all so energetic and real engaging. They also gave me this card + photo as a keepsake, tooooo sweet :')
Induction Week
Induction week is busy; medicals, orientation briefing , we were given our red polo as the training and many other stuff. Then off we go to the college. The college is real beautiful. The exterior had this grand feeling, like being welcomed inside a prestigious university. We also had the first look at the college's cafeteria with a stunning view of Dubai and the city golf centre. Its also the first time we all as multicultural people in one abinitio.

Day before our training week begins, we were fitted, measured and given our company luggage.


the lovely set to follow through my ek journey :D

 Dubai itsself has been pretty amazing and luxurious had an amazing time exploring the city! Meanwhile,  the intense training has officially begun, I'm back to student mode giving my best to eventually obtain my wings!
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