Sep 18, 2014

Emirates Assessment Part 2

In case you missed it, here's part 1

Assessment Day
As expected, the assessment was intense and stressful. I had to go through several rounds of eliminations before finally getting an invite for a final interview.  The event started at 9am, and I was early. I was there half past 7, I know, I know..But, really, I don't want to be late. So off I go, wearing my best corporate attire with my hair tied back and my court-heeled shoes trotting towards the venue hallway. I grasped my envelope containing all the things they need - and some others they might ask for.

In continuation from part 1, the real AD process begins. Since I'm #3, I was the first group in to get assessed. I was nervous and my heart was beating my chest so hard. I took a breath and smile to myself,  this, whatever it may lead to, I will enjoy it. As the rounds says 'Assessment' I knew, it was not a competition amongst the candidates. You aren't eliminated because the other candidates are more qualified than you are but because the recruiter did not see that you possess the skills they were looking for.

There were several group activities; the picture activity where we were given picture and asked to present their creative uses (mine's starfish), a group question to discuss & present, scenario based question (we got cruise ship) and role play activity. Then of course there's a reach test and a little q/a. There's elimination in each round, they did not give the white piece of paper like they do in the past, our numbers simply got called and those who didn't were ask to leave. 
There was cries, commotion and a whole load of emotions as each elimination occur. 

This is emirates, it could do this to you.

"Number 3" I  felt a burst of rainbow exploding within me when I heard my number, is this real life?!
 I held my breath knowing there's still few more steps till acceptance. 

The first group left about 4 people through FI but overall we have about 15 people to proceed to Final interview. After some briefing on paper work and choosing FI timing, I had my english test. Yes, we have ours at the very last round, had mine with 2 others. The rest of the Australians don't need it as its their mother tongue. The english test was quite tricky but I managed to finish it first, I then leave the room waiting for my papers to be marked. ' You passed ' said the recruiter. That marks the ending of the long and intense day. I prepared my documents and did the online psychometric test.

Final Interview
The final interview took place in a different venue, I chose mine to be day after the assessment. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was determined to show the recruiter that I was extremely nice, eager, and professional. FI was probably the most challenging for me, though, yes, the recruiter is being really nice and relaxed at this round. Questions were being pressed, details were asked, my hands were shaking, but my voice was strong and yet gentle. I was careful with my words, and I gave them my most sincere answers. And after for about an hour, we were done with the interview. I concluded it with my lines to leave an impression. Hoping for the best, I made my exit from the room.

I feel FI was the round where they see you at the most personal level, they wanted to make sure that you're not just acting your way through the AD. I was relieved for having to get through that round but I know there's a few more steps to get golden call...

Stay tuned for part 3!

/Update: Still getting busy with all the prepping, 22 days to go till dubai now :)!

Sep 1, 2014

Emirates Assessment Day (Part 1)

Emirates is one of the most sought after airlines for many cabin crew/applicants.There were a lot of postings and guide on becoming one. But the process was almost impossible to get through. Nevertheless, with the dream of making the world my home, I pursued. I applied online at the beginning of July and few days after, I got an invitation that says I was shortlisted to attend to their AD in Australia. I was so thrilled! The email instructed me to confirm back with them on which AD event I'm attending too and I did - to the Sydney AD on the 27 July . Just like that my day was made.

I got up really early on the d-day, getting everything prep and ready to go! I was the first to reach there so I took my own sweet time and did some touch up here and there. Its always better to be early than to be late! Nevertheless, more crowds start to come and the process begin..

The very first thing; we were asked to fill a form (given by them) followed by CV/photo and registration with the RO (recruiting officer). We were given numbers as we do this, and this number will be your identity throughout the assessment process. Mine was #3. There was a long queue to do this, but I get there rather early so I managed to be seated quite early. Then after, we were all presented on slides about Dubai, Emirates and just the overall environment there. The videos shown were all brand new and very well put. With that, our eagerness to join the EK family heightened. There was a brief Q/A session after that the RO announced for us to leave the room while she deliberate on who make the first cut. Thats right, the open-day kind of stage was held even though mine was an invite-only day, perhaps its due to the bigger turnout.

15mins later, she came out of the room and pasted a giant piece of paper with numbers on those people who make the cut in front of a door. I was extremely nervous, it would be sucha shame to go home on such early stage. First impression plays critical role on this round! I paced my way there and I saw it! My number was there! I'm relieved but can't be too happy yet as this is only the beginning next up is the actual beginning of the assessment rounds. However, about half the crowd was eliminated on this round.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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Aug 24, 2014

Quick update & Emirates Final Approval :) !


I know I haven't been around much lately, but I swear I got a totally valid reason for that! This year hasn't been all rosy and smooth sailing, upon finishing uni, I stepped into the what society call 'real world'. Its been a never-ending challenge, there, I experienced the pitfalls and all that bitter feeling attached to it. You know, it was during these period that I start to be so fond of reading. I read so many books (mostly positive one), they're really amazing in guiding me throughout that challenge! It feels like inhaling strength with all those books. Amazing how words can make sucha big impact on you, huh! 

Anyway, I persevered through the months, I push on and believed there will be something better for me in the future, so I must never let the negativity stop me from living my life to the fullest. Then finally, one fateful day I decided to apply online with Emirates. Briefly after, I got an invitation to attend their recruitment on 27th July in Sydney. There's so many rounds and elimination throughout the day, it felt like an X-factor audition or something! But I made it to the final. Anyhow, I will elaborate this in detail in the upcoming post, so stay tuned you guys!

Today, after all the long and severely intense process, I finally got my Final Approval (FA)! Its official now, I will be moving over to Dubai in 10oct! I got a golden call a week before but this don't guarantee you 100% yet, hence I waited till this FA to announce it once and for all.  

It always seem impossible until you did it :') so grateful!

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Mar 21, 2014

White shoulder off with Denim : Denimite!

Okay, the title is kinda forced. But hey, pairing up denim and white off-shoulder top isn't !
The white off-shoulder top gives that kind of a formal yet girly look whilst the denim gives out that casual vibe to neutralize it all off :)

Anyway, these past few months been quite a journey; settling down, got a new job and adjusting with the lifestyle difference. In between, was exposed with some challenges and down times. 
"Only know you'd been high when you feeling low", I spent those times to read lots of books and had my mind cleared up. I'm glad its working :)! Pain is temporary, but quitting last forever, so readers! Don't ever be the victim of your own emotion, believe that you're in complete control of it, conquer it, don't let it own you.

Due to that roller coaster period, I haven't got the time to properly jot down and sorted out my thought (nope! not an excuse for the lack of updates haha).I'd got to say though, I'm loving this non-student life. Everyday I woke up feeling driven towards achieving that goal of mine, its still in progress, hopefully I could make it happening one day :')

Have a good weekend yall!

Till next post,
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